Implanted Pain Devices


implanted pain devices

Implanted Pain Devices

Implanted pain devices include spinal cord stimulator implants (SCS), intrathecal pain pumps and peripheral nerve stimulation. When oral medications and other treatments fail to sufficiently relieve neuropathic pain, and surgery is not possible, these implantable neuromodulation systems can reduce pain without extensive surgery. We provide each therapy on a trial basis first. At the end of the trial period, the patient can decide if the therapy is right for them long term.

Implantable pain management systems do not work for everyone. However, when they are successful, those affected patients typically experience significant pain relief and improvements in daily functioning. Spinal cord stimulation using newer high-frequency systems can relieve pain for more than 80% of patients.

Intrathecal pain pumps deliver medication directly to the spinal cord. We fill the device with medication during implantation, then refill it about once a month in the doctor’s office. Intrathecal pumps are programmable to suit individual preferences about prescribed medication timing. The ability to deliver round-the-clock medication is a major advantage of this type of pain pump.

Thanks to these targeted delivery systems, we can use much lower doses of medication and reduce its side effects. Implanted pain devices cannot eliminate pain entirely, but they can offer significant pain relief and improved day-to-day functioning. Many patients reduce their reliance on other medications by using pain devices.

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