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“CJ was intuitive, kind, compassionate, and of course bottom line, incredibly effective! He even scratched my nose when it started to itch due the medicine."
~ Becky K

“I worked with Dr CJ Frandrup for 1.5 years at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center Pain Clinic. As you might know, it is the Army's largest hospital outside of the United States and serves both the military, and its family members. In addition it is a stopover for wounded service men and women from Iraq and Afghanistan. Dr. Frandrup took care of all of these patients in both chronic and acute pain settings as well as in the operating room. His calling to work there was his prior service in the air Force, where he was deployed to Iraq as a critical care anesthesiologist. He is one of the most intelligent, skilled, and compassionate physicians with whom I have ever worked. He has one fo the most thorough understanding of the sate of the art, cutting edge pain treatments of any physician I know. Dr.Frandrup will give you compassionate, modern, scientifically based medical care for your pain.”
~ Dominique S.

“Undoubtedly, I have seen many back doctors since my first one in 1991, but it was Dr. Frandrup who put in the time, and work into finding a way to help my particular situation."
~ Anon

"Dr. Frandrup and his staff at the pain clinic were amazing. I have been receiving this same procedure for 6 years. They did the procedure 3 different more. The staff fit me into 5 appointments in 13 days. Best experience I have had @ a clinic. Friendly staff, most friendly."
~ Anon

"My daughter has been through numerous visits and has been an inpatient for weeks at a time. The pain management clinic by far the best dept I have seen at Allpria Healthcare. Although they are very busy clinic, you as a patient are not rushed in and out as quickly as possible. Each individual works as a team in their department and treats you like you are a friend."
~ Anon

"Extremely satisfied!!! I received excellent care and treatment!! After 1.5 years of treatment I have gone from needing constant assistance from my spouse to do common daily functions to being self-sufficient again. I learned to manage my pain and use the techniques taught by IPMC to apt my quality of life back. I still have pain, but I know how to function with it because of the outstanding staff of the pain clinic/chiropractic."
~ Anon

“Dr. Frandrup and his staff should be put up for ‘doctor of the year.’ He goes beyond his pain shots to help my case. Because of his push he has found out what I have had for the last 6 years!"
~ Anon

“My husband and I just want to compliment the Pain Management team that worked on my husband 7 Nov. He had lumbar ablation. Dr. Frandrup and team, thank you very much. He's had his first period of being pain free in YEARS. That’s a relief to us both.”
~ Anon

“I am very grateful for the Pain Management clinic. The staff is always friendly and helpful. I have seen Dr Frandrup and I have to say I could not be happier. Thank you for having him as a doctor in Landstuhl. It is hard to trust someone on your back and he does a great job.”
~ Anon

“Dr. Frandrup never gave up on me. He sent me to Ft. Lewis and referred me to Dr Walker at chiropractic with those 2 things Dr. Walker adjusted me. After 8 years of memory loss, no focus or concentration, I am normal!"
~ Anon

“I have known Dr. Frandrup for five years. I first came into contact with Dr. Frandrup during a visit to the Pain Management Clinic. I suffer from migraines and had previously been treated by other doctors with no relief. Since I dislike taking any type of narcotic medications, I was recommend to the Pain Management Clinic to see Dr. Frandrup for the treatment of migraines using Botox injections. Dr. Frandrup was exceptionally competent, professional, efficient and knowledgeable about Botox and the treatment of migraines. He made sure to explain the procedure in detail, tell me how many procedures he had done, and describe any risks or side effects. After leaving the clinic, he went above and beyond to check my progress and was always reliable if I needed him for additional appointments. I believe that Dr. Frandrup’s skill and experience make him the best Doctor one could find to open a Pain Management Clinic in the State of Colorado. During the time I’ve known him, his communication with and dedication to his patients surpasses that of any Doctor I’ve ever been associated with. So I highly recommend the Pain Clinic and think it will be an asset to the city of Denver.”
~ Monica H. B.


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